dealskinect sensor w/ kinect adventures & child of…


Saw these much cheaper at a garage sale today. Check with your neighbors. Somebody nearby is bound to be trying to unload these. In for none.


@doggystyle: Really? "Don't buy this, go to a garage sale"? HEY GUYS STORES ARE TOTALLY OVER, GARAGE SALES ARE WHERE IT'S AT FROM HERE ON IN!



Well, I never said all that. But if you are in the market for a Kinect with a lame 4 hour game. You might wanna look around the neighborhood or craigslist first. You could probably find these 2 together for about $80 total. I see Kinect cameras on display all the time at local garage sales. There are some who expected more from what was marketed as the next big thing in gaming. I guess they don't wanna "be the controller" anymore. Go figure.