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Do not shoot into mouth, eyes or face. Do not modify Mforcer or use if damaged. Shoot marshmallows only. Do not try to shoot anything other than marshmallows. Do not eat marshmallows after shooting.

Ok ... so, don't use it for its clearly intended purpose... got it.


If you buy six of them you get free shipping (orders over $25)

I bought two, still a steal for $16 after shipping!

I did not sign up for the free trial offer to get the free shipping - I will inevitably forget to cancel it and get charged.


All of the reviews at the URL state that it jams. Many ppl state that they could not get them to work.


I bought three (different models) of this company's marshmallow shooters for Xmas gifts this year. Believe me, this is a bargain.

As far as the bad reviews: these guns work best with cheap marshmallows (not extra "puffed"), and even better with stale marshmallows. You can also spray the chamber with cooking spray to help keep them from jamming.