dealsamazon: select mp3 albums for for $2.99


Ooh! In for The Black Keys! Thanks!


wow there is actually loads of great albums for $3. thanks


Damn you...I was doing so good not spending extra money, but for $3 per...rats! I'd personally recommend the following:
Rage Against The Machine (Self-Titled 20th Ann & Battle for LA)
Audioslave (Self-Titled)
Van Halen (A Different Kind of Truth) - GREAT ALBUM!!!!!
Boston (Self-Titled)
Pearl Jam (Ten)
Anything Bruce Springsteen
David Cook ....I'll admit it...I like it. His band's cover of King's X Dogman on YouTube is fantastic!!! Props to DC for showing love to King's X.


Wow! Lots of totally decent albums for $3-4! I was surprised by how many there were. I picked up Tenacious D, Chicago OMPS & ELO Greatest hits. Not bad for $10! Thanks for the heads up on this one! GREAT DEAL!


So much good stuff here for $3. I haven't spent this much on music in a long time.


Alt+J are awesome, everybody should give them a try. I bought a couple albums that I already illegally downloaded, so I will refer to this as the "No Longer Feel Guilty When I Listen to that Album Sale."


I'm a huge music fan, but I've learned recently that certain styles of music are not helpful while sitting in traffic.
Point being, a lot of this music is a little light to me, but, I'm picking up a few albums for some light listening while driving in traffic.....


I wish these Amazon mp3 sales would branch out a bit... they have some great albums from great bands and individuals, but they never seem to move to different albums or different bands. For instance, Ten from Pearl Jam has been on sale like every month for the past 6 months.

However, this Rage Against the Machine is new so I'm happy enough to be able to get that.


@pragmatist007: cmon man. everyone knows Jim Norton isn't funny.