dealskershaw select fire multi-tool knife for $15.85


Good price except shipping is $5


If you don't mind waiting 3 weeks for delivery Meritline has the same one (but non-serrated blade) on sale for $12.99 w/free shipping.


The one for 12.99 I think is a bootleg


The one from Meritline is a bootleg.
I might get that one anyway, (Then get Kershaw when I have extra money)
I prefer the non-serrated.
Ever tried to strip a wire with serrated edge?
Ever needed serrated edge?
Not me.
AMZ also has the non-serrated for about $22 (Free Prime shipping)
Laalo should post shipping cost when they advertise here.


Actually, the Meritline one IS a Kershaw, at least that what is pictured in image #6. Click to zoom on the belt clip.


If You ever need to cut a rope or a seat belt the serration is very helpful but othervise a plain edge is the most useful.


@danieleg: It's definitely NOT a bootleg. I've purchased two of these, one from Amazon (Lightning Deal) & one from Meritline. The only difference was price, shipping time, & the packaging on the one from Meritline was a little worse for wear after spending 3wks in transit.


Thanks to all 3 last posts!