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@bigray57: Exactly. Why he did not raise the price 5 cents (if he must) and keep quiet is beyond me. If anyone would have noticed, tell them it's inflation.


"Invalid Promo Code Selected - [CDFREE]
The promo code you entered is invalid. Please verify and re-enter."
Tried at 1:30 MDT 5-29-13 in Utah.


Personally I'm still not eating papa john's.


I only eat at establishments that do not offer health insurance and paid time off to their employees. It keeps my tab low, reducing the amount I need to tip (a healthy 3% is fair), and gives me a warm feeling that I am patroning an establishment that is helping economically-challenged people work their way to prosperity.


I'll buy 6 just to make up for all the haters. Who would all totally give up the company they built to feed and clothe the poor.


@jamesraff: Support you LOCAL mom and pop shop pizza place. That's the RIGHT thing to do!!!


Conservatives like a more hardy pizza that can be eaten with a fork. Liberals like a thin crust, lightly dressed with all natural ingredients. I like both but lean more towards a hardy pizza.


@jamesraff: I'm not a "Fatty" and I eat pizza occasionally. You can eat anything in moderation.


@wooter2013 self-righteousness is almost as bad as being a fatty. that is why I choose to be both, to cover my bases. P.S. I have to pay extra for double-wide bases because I am such a fatty. better order me a free pizza to feel better.


@bigray57 because mom and pop shop ALWAYS pays their employees health insurance...

Stop equating the consumption of Papa Johns pizza to, oh, say, clubbing baby seals. It takes out all the fun of clubbing seals. (or so I hear...)


Papa John's pizza sucks. No deal makes it good enough.

is is

Oh my lord, why is everyone being a baby about Papa John's? This site alerts you to deals you may or may not be interested in. Of course it's great to patron your local mom and pop shops (not just pizza shops) since that strengthens your local economy. Please stop trying to sound like you are such a great person because you avoid Papa Johns because you disagree with how they do things. You either glad to get a deal on pizza or you're not. Please just move on.


Code not working in greater Los Angeles area (checked 12 closest stores).

Remember when Papa John deals ONLY had people commenting on where the deal works/doesn't work? Those were the days...


@bigray57: So how do you send a message back that this is not acceptable? Voting sure didn't work...

Now, because of the machinations, a lot of the fast food (McD, PJ, and others) have mandatory 29 hr work weeks... so even minimum wage stiffs gotta work 2 jobs.

I suppose you could eat at the Waffle House (who has been providing "health insurance" since day 1), but I have a warning -- the "insurance" is a guaranteed losing deal --
$100/month for dental insurance with a maximum payout of $750/yr (iirc!).

Is that really better than being honest with your employees about health insurance?
Is it worth while for teens (usually covered by mom & dad) to "buy" health insurance at their first job?
At my first job, I could "buy" the insurance, or I could pocket the money... why does the gov't want to take that option away (esp since I was covered by my GEHA under my dad)?


I'd guess this is only the corporate people Papa John (or the Turkjerk) is referring to, I was a GM of a franchise owned store for a few years and we had a variety of insurance packages, offered it to those that wanted it and fair coverage wasn't too expensive. Most of the workers were still covered by their parents, so it didn't matter. As for hours, if someone was a good worker they got the hours, if they weren't they didn't. Pretty simple really.

As for the deal, buy one get one is generally nice, though it usually only works out to a few dollars in savings over other deals, because it is "regular menu price". But a few bucks is a few bucks.


No, I don't want your crappy pizza, Poopy John. Major Jerk, cheap cardboard Pizza. NOPE.

... NEXT!


Also not valid in San Diego. So where is this code valid?


seems like it is valid in Saint Louis, MO


Not working in Illinois. Maybe it would help if you said what area your in, lichme?


@mtw1057: Looks like that code should be valid at the following:

On a side note, I prepare most of my food at home, but there are times when one gets burned out on cooking. If that happens to coincide with a pretty good deal being offered, this is usually as good or better than the other big chains and certainly better than something like Little Caesars, anything frozen, and most any of the cheaper brands of take and bake. If you're worried about the employees, perhaps just wait for a good deal (I don't think I have ever paid full-price for chain pizza) and then tip better?


I definitely don't want the person handling food I'm about to eat to have access to health care!


the code is valid in Denver


Not valid in Canyon Country either.
Oh well.
No free pizza for me.
FYI: Dominos has a large 2 toping takeout for $5.99
I'm sure the deal is somewhere around here on

On a side note, I can't imagine Pappa John's is the ONLY place doing this health care thing.
All of a sudden they don't have to pay for health care, why would they?
(Not that I agree with it mind you)
Cheap Pizza is Cheap Pizza.
I'll still eat it if it's cheap enough.


@mgherter: Wow, I didn't hear about this. Is Poppa John going to give up his company to feed and clothe the poor? Why does he have to give up his company to do that? Anyway, I thought he was going to close down because the ACA was going to require that he raise his pizza prices by a nickel. I think they should get rid of pennies and just have nickels.


not working at my local store either...


BOYCOTT his sorry excuse for pizza:

4 cents, really???


@bigray57: no one likes you here... EVERY papa johns deal you sh­itpost