deals12 pack shopper / tote bags for $7.99 + $1.99…


1, As these bags are partially made of jute, can they be washed in the washing machine?

2. As to measurements.....I surmise they are 22" that right and how wide are they?


13 inches. only 22 with handles. if you look at all the pictures on of them gives the dimensions.


I use those plastic bags that we've all been using for the past 30 years!
And get this. After I use them 1 time, I throw them away.




I buy my black re-usable bags at Ace Hardware, can't be more manly than that.

@justabandnerd: Actually, it's not gangsta, it's ignorant.


Started an order for these, but the site has hurdles: billing addy required even if using PayPal. Phone number required, even though no other internet retailer I can think of requires that info. Creating a 'nickname' required for no good reason. Choose a nickname already taken? Sorry, try again. I JUST WANTED TO ORDER A FEW BAGS, for crying' out loud! Gave up. Better things to do with my time.


Really, not such a great deal when you include shipping. These are (at least around here) a buck each. If you include shipping, these are 10 bucks for 12, or 16.7% off. Not a humongous savings.


Can I buy the bag of puppies?


@robio: Doncha hate when they make you jump through hoops to spend your money with them?
Like in your area, around here those bags are almost always 99 cents, and every now and then there is a promotion that if you spend a certain amount you get a free one. Last Oct I bought 3 pink ones with a breast cancer ribbon stenciled on and 25% of the price went to breast cancer research. Since I have a sister that died from breast cancer, and my mom had it, I support brreast cancer research whenever I can---all those pennies & nickles add up. Like buying breast cancer postage stamps. The sale of those stamps has raised over 71 million dollars for breast cancer research. And it's such a painless way to donate.

Now, to stop rambling and get back to the issue at hand---I find that when I have to give excessive information to a site like that, I suddenly start getting a ton more spam. And no spam--with a capital S or not, is any good!


@justabandnerd: I'm sure you're joking but just some quick facts:
- We use over 380 billion plastic bags each year in the US
- plastic is a petroleum product. The US consumes abotu 20 million barrels of oil per day, having to import about 75% of that hence the concerns over the economy and national security in our dependency on foreign oil
- many of the plastic bags end up in the land fills, blown over the land, in the ocean in various animals stomachs or caught in gyres.

Have you noticed that whenever some community wants to ban plastic bags or charge for it to dissuade usage, who comes to fight for the plastic bags? It's some nice sounding consumer rights organization that's funded by the chemical and oil companies.

@wilfbrim: I'm not sure where you're going to find them for less than $1. They're usually a couple bucks each.


i always reuse my shopping bag as trash bag...sux now i have to buy trash bags. another spending increase.. thank u mr gov for making my life harder.


@ttm77: I do the same, but you and I are significantly in the minority. Overall, fewer one-use bags is a good thing. I'll hate having to buy trash bags, but if the net effect is positive, I can like with that.


If you buy these for the purpose of helping the environment, make sure you use them! Manufacturing these takes a much larger toll on the environment than plastic bags. So, if these just sit around, they aren't helping anything.

(I have no knowledge about the validity of the linked site but I know that I too have way more of these things than I'll ever use)


Every time I've bought reusable bags in the past, I never end up reusing them because I leave them at home and end up spending money for nothing. I'd buy if I were less forgetful.


@bigshtank: I think a lot of people do exactly the same thing, although I do see quite a few people with resuable bags in the grocery store.

One idea might be when you get your groceries home and empty the bags, put them with your purse (if your a woman or a very sucure man) or with your car keys, hang them with your coat or even on the door knob so you remember to take them out to the car the next time you go out. That's at least one step closer and maybe eventually you'll even remember to take them from the car into the store with you. It actually does take a while to get into the habit of taking them with you, but once you get in the habit, you feel like there's something missing if you go in the store without them.


@first2summit: quite a few stores around me sell them for a buck, Shoprite, Target (I believe), Stop & Shop, etc. I have lots.

I need the plastic bags though, for kitty litter disposal. Why buy the small waste basket bags when I can reuse what they give me in the store? When I start running low on plastic bags, I leave my reusable bags in the car...

Having said that, these bags "appear" to look sturdier than the floppy ones I've gotten at my supermarkets. I get soooo frustrated with them sometimes.


@donslin: Tried those. a) I'm much too lazy to go back and put them in my car after I'm done unloading them (and I go to the gym 4-5 days a week in the morning, evening as well on three of those days. Yeah, I know ... it's a different kind of lazy), b) I usually grocery shop after work and usually decide midway through the day, so I don't plan well. I have a collection of about 10-20 bags somewhere in my house.


i use recycled grocery bags as prophylactic devices


@robio: Not all the $ collected are going to where it suppose to if it go there at all.

Gov waste money all over the place just cause they can. In my neighborhood recently they dig up all the side walk (in perfect condition) only to replace with exactly the same side walk.

Don't tell me Gov don't have $ to do something good. Obama pull millions if not trillions into companies that go bankrupt weeks after and bought up by China and other foreign countries.

They charge you 10cents just cause they can. In fact, they shouldn't be able to charge this at all, bag is a courtesy provided by the store to the customer for easy carrying their loads into the car. Like they ask a worker to help carry stuff for an old lady customer out to her car, will the gov charge that too?


@ttm77: The ten cent charge goes to clean up the bags that end up on the streets, landfill, etc and acts as a disincentive to using the plastic bags.


@pinchecat: That's a good use if you aren't going to recycle them. Seems many use them as prophylactic devices---the kitty litter disposal, garbage disposal, or if you put used disposable diapers in them. All good prophylactic uses.


@first2summit: I was kinda kidding, but it's what I really do, without thinking.... one bit. It's really a non-issue to me and probably will continue to be for a long time and is a non-issue for my kids as well.

You do deserve credit for at least stating a case, rather than throwing around empty words like 'ignorant'. My mind is a closed book on this matter, so I am unswayable. But don't let this dissuade you from evangelizing your religion. We all need a God and a cause to believe in.


@rabidwooter: You are not qualified to call anyone ignorant, sir.


@donslin: um...duh. wtf did you think i was talking about?