dealsstar trek (single-disc edition) for $3.58 + free…


I would highly recommend this movie to everyone! Trekker, Trekkie or not a fan of Star Trek at all, you will enjoy this movie!


@andydoug: based on your recommendation, insta-bought!


Price raised to $3.79. Be sure to choose Amazon from the list of sellers if you want the rental.


This movie is really, very good. Very excited for the second one to come out. +1, but I already own it on bluray.


This movie is great if you hate Star Trek.


Okay, let me clear the confusion here. An Amazon reseller (electronica direct) has it listed for $3.50 with prime shipping and Amazon has it listed for $3.79 with prime shipping.

The other difference is that with the reseller you don't pay tax in my state, and with Amazon I do pay tax in my state (Texas). And Amazon may offer a rental with your purchase direct from them (why would you want a rental?)


A valid point. When I first posted the deal, I included the rental. When the seller reverted to a non-Amazon seller, I thought I'd point out that if you wanted the rental, you had to order it through Amazon, so that people who were expecting the free rental wouldn't feel short-changed.

I think Amazon uses the free rentals as an incentive: buy it now, watch it now.


I was thinking about renting this before the next movie comes out. At this price I'll rent-to-buy and when the blu-ray gets cheaper just "upgrade" and pass this DVD on to the local library or a family member.


Thanks OP. Opted for the Amazon order w/free rental and tax for SoCal


Great movie. Watch it on blu ray if you have the option, it looks amazing in HD.


nothing says "great scifi" like 2 hours of lens flares...


I had this movie on blu-ray, but I think my friends hid it from me b/c I watched it every time I got drunk.


I just got this DVD today. The amazon warehouse barcode sticker on the back says "Single-Disc edition" but the box says 2-disc special edition with digital copy.