deals10 pack: 6 foot high speed hdmi cables with 1080p…


I bought these a few weeks ago from this place

They have a weird smell to them but the ones I've used so far are fully functional :)


People buy one of these in stores for twice the price...

and I find that really, really, really funny.


Use coupon "1off10" to get an extra $1 off.


@globalhavoc: How long have you been a cable smeller?


Bought these cables a few weeks ago... Terrible. Bad picture, colors were off. I tried 6 of the 10 before giving up. Don't buy these!


@bluesmac2: HDMI carries a digital signal, so there isn't much a cable can do to mess up the colours. That isn't to say it's impossible to run into issues with super-cheap HDMI cables, but if they have a problem it would be more likely to not work at all or to occasionally black out the picture, rather than give a "bad" picture.


I noticed the other day that I had finally used my last HDMI cable. I'm in for one.
Coupon code "1off10" worked for me. Brought price down to $11.99 shipped.


Great find! I'll never need to buy cables again!


I got these a few weeks ago. They came fast, individually warpped, and they are HDMI. Good deal, decent seller.


I normally buy cheap HDMI cables now. I bought these a couple weeks ago and hooked them up to my system. Immediately I noticed when my DVR would switch from 480p to 1080p the TV would say no signal. That was through my HDMI switch. I plugged them directly into the back of my TV thinking there was something wrong with my switch. Same problem. I then plugged my old RCA HDMI cables back in through the switch. The signal was fine when switching resolutions. Plugged the RCAs straight into the TV and everything worked fine then too. The picture looked better too. So it is the cables. I would steer clear of these. I have had many different types of cables. Expensive ones when I believed the hype, and cheap ones. First problem I've had was with these.


@pleepleus: Thank you for making my day with that.


Before I buy these, can anyone confirm whether there are still many stupid people buying hdmi cables for $30 that I could sell these to?


@holdingontowater: They tend to be the people that think getting a 6foot rocketfish for $25 is a good deal since its normal price is $40 and the blueshirt told them it has the best quality. So your best bet is to get some khakis and a blue polo and try catching people on the way out of the store with a tv and offering them your amazing savings.


@nanaejt: the smell protruded the 2+feet from the cable itself, I didnt stick my nose up to it :D


For anyone who comes across this old deal, I received these today and: 1) yes the cables stink but not terribly and 2) they work perfectly fine.
They seat more securely than a cheap hdmi cable I bought from Amazon and of course the colors are exactly as expected.