dealsinternal hd collection flash sale


Apparently this is a "Flash Sale". Combined with the "Internal HD" in the title, I guess it's a site selling flash memory. You can't tell what the deal is unless you sign up.

Or maybe it's a "flash sale" where they list a product until it's sold out then go on to the next product.

Or maybe it's something else. Like trying to get me to sign up?

I'm not going to downvote, but it's tempting. Can someone please describe what the deal is here?


On the Flash tab, it is a different deal every day. Today they are selling 3.5" hard drives at a discounted rate. Most of them are Samsung, but they have a few others. I have bought off of this site many times, so signing up won't hurt.


@rhmurphy: It is a sale for members of the site only. They just have a bunch of hard drives that they are selling, but honestly, the prices for them are not great.


Being the guy that's always posting the hard drive deals from Newegg, I'll agree these aren't deals. For starters, every single one is factory refurbished. Next, a majority of the drives are 500GB and under. Worthless when terabytes are only a few dollars more. There is a 10k RPM drive and a Hybrid SSD available, but they're not worth looking at. The best deals are a Seagate 5900RPM 1.5TB drive for $67.99 and a Samsung 5400RPM 1.5TB drive for $67.99. Both refurbs.