dealsmen's titanium ring with redwood center inlay for…


I've gotten this ring before from that site. It's not real titanium, and the "redwood" inlay is a sticker...


Thanks, i thought about getting it, but will pass... thats the thing sometimes about a hot priced item from a non-branded Site... If it looks to good to be true, then it isn't true...


I don't have this specific ring, but I do have two from this site and they are real titanium, verified by my local jeweler, their very light weight and stamp. I do not know about this one, but the two I have were a steal. I can't find them for less than $40-$50 anywhere else. The only difference is they may not have the rounded finish that most at jewelry stores have, meaning if your sensitive they may rub your fingers.


Thanks, masahiro. I thought that deep of a discount seemed too good to be true, but I love titanium jewelry and that would go great with my watch and cufflinks.