dealszippo all in one kit (lighter/fluid/flints…


I love the smell of lighter fluid in the morning.


Wow, what's up with the string of downvoters? This is a great price on a full zippo kit.


@rockytrh: dont ask it always gets downvoted when i post this deal I keep up on it because it is a great price for the kit


I recently fueled up my old Zippo even though I quit smoking 16 years ago.
I love the smell and there's something primal/tribal about warming my hand over an open flame. Its cheaper to light incense or a candle than by starting the stove burner.

Smudging my sage right now...


It's been a long time, but I still like to impress the young punks by snapping open a zippo...


The problem with a zippo is that it doesn't store well. If you're not a smoker who constantly uses your lighter, you can't expect it to be there when you need it.


@funsnail: I have one on hand when I go on 2-3 day trips (but it is mostly for ICE reasons). The rest of the time, they stay in a drawer.

Honestly, I only carry it to justify having one :|. My true emergency lighter is a cheap BIC. Those work 99% of the time while "60 percent of the time my zippo works every time."

As for the deal, this is an insane bargain. My plain-jane Zippo retailed for $20 8 years ago.


"The cent never spent to repair a Zippo lighter."

Once you've got it, you're golden, and this is a GREAT price - much better than buying everything separately.