dealsouya console (coming june 2013): video games for…


Aren't they just Android games? I can use bluetooth with my Wii controller and do the same thing with many Android tablets and some phones connected to a tv.


@ocnomad: It is essentially an Android device but since it is dedicated and only one version of the hardware exists they can build games specifically to it as opposed to trying to develop for 100s of different devices.

Engadget has a nice article with interviews from game developers highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of it.


But this isn't a "deal". This is the retail price that even Target has. Pre-orders don't seem like "deals" to me.


@gbobman: true but that's only if they are able to keep the price down and if not Amazon is offering to keep the price low even if it it ends up retailing for more. Plus its cool and I thought people would like to know.