dealsred and white bikini for $64.99


This is an absurd price for a poorly made bikini. Go to Target.


@videowallart: I don't think these are posted on here for the "great deals"


These will pair great with a pair of blue-balls for next year's 4th of July!


Silicon lip injection goes wrong... duh!


@videowallart: Ujena brand swimwear is made in Mountain View, California and is of the highest quality, this is not something you will find at Target.

To compare, this is like 7 for All Mankind jeans, not Rustlers. There is nothing wrong with Rustlers, they still cover everything that needs to be covered, they are still blue jeans. But some people prefer a more stylish and better quality jeans.


@boosturtle: This is a great deal, regular price $109.95. Not everyone is here for the pictures :-)


@ohcheri: Most of these are men who obviously do not want their wives to have nice things :-)

But really this is a great price for a bathing suit that she will be able to wear for multiple seasons. I'd prefer my wife wear these than go to Belk or Dillards or Macy's and pick up at something more expensive and imported from China. These are great bathing suits and they make my wife happy (and look hot as hell), for that, I'll pay the price of a real bathing suit.


@nmchapma: Thank you for your support ♥


@ohcheri: This swimsuit has the problem that Accessories & Watches has for Woot. Most people don't care about the particular brand, all they see is a swimsuit that is expensive and a "regular price" that is even more expensive than that. The regular price could be $1,000 and it would not make a difference, it is getting over the initial shock of paying, in their mind, what is about 3 or 4 times the norm.

For me personally, I bought the expensive nice suit and it didn't last me a year, the suit I bought from Walmart and Kohls is still going strong three years later. Just because something is priced or valued high does not mean that is worth it.


@wisenekt: I understand what you're saying. I haven't worn a watch in years so there is no price will entice me into buying a watch. There are also people who refuse to wear anything that doesn't have a designer label and will pay whatever price to get that.

Anyone who doesn't shop for brand names can go to Google Shopping and search for bathing suits (or watches, or jeans, etc.) if you want to see what designer labels cost at other stores.


@wisenekt: That kind of misses the point. This is a deal if it is what you are looking for. They don't complain about all the other "deals" that don't interest them. Why focus on the bathing suits? This Label is very expensive, at this price it's certainly a deal. and enough Wooters think so since it hit the popular page.

I seriously doubt the images are what moves up @ohcheri's products. The internet is full of much more revealing images. I really hope no one is getting their jollies on

This is absolutely a deal for someone looking for a designer brand bathing suit that will last. My wife has paid close to $200 (and they can cost much more) for a bathing suit that fits, stays where you put it, and is durable. This brand does all of those things. She has plenty of clothes from Target but the bathing suits don't fit her. Her body type and size lend towards more expensive bathing suits. As with most clothes the fit is very different amongst brands.


@nmchapma: Personally I will upvote @ohcheri most of the time because I like the beneath the surface battle that has been going on with her and some of the mods. (Sorry I couldn't upvote that weird hat from a month back.)

All I am saying is that the negative comments are due to the difference between the deal masses and the deal specifics, a swimsuit is a swimsuit to some, regardless of the price. Accessories & Watches gets dinged for selling expensive items on a deal website, but it is the same thing. Some think it's a deal but to the deal masses, it is just an overpriced item. To each their own.


@ohcher & nmchapmai:
I am a 25yr old single guy. I can't really imagine paying 100 bucks for a swim suit. (I also can sew and make most any clothes). I made a comment that I thought was funny. I don't mind nice things, and I'll pay for them if i have a reason to pay that amount.


Honestly, the only reason I clicked was because even in the teeny tiny picture, I could see the model had a pretty incredible core.

You can have thin/skinny/trim all day everyday, but true core strength is rare, impressive, and worth looking at.

The suit's cute too I suppose.