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Good thing iPhones are the only phones everyone in the world uses.


@monkeyninja25: I really don't understand why people choose to buy a particular phone (knowing the accessory market for it) and then complain that there aren't enough accessories or apps for it. That would be like someone buying a Mac and complaining that all the graphics cards and most the apps listed here don't run on it.


This gets an up-vote just for mentioning Stephanie.


I got some of these with a photo of my black babies on them for stocking stuffers for my in-laws. The quality of the case and photo are not great, but they were appreciated.


Why all the downvotes? Is this no deal (regular price)? Shipping too high? Bad merchant? (Although I know that last isn't true: I've been using Vista Print for years and have never had anything but positive experiences). Why?


@wilfbrim: people just like to be tards and downvote the bottom deal, there's nothing wrong with this deal.


@wilfbrim: This has always bothered me too. I'd never expect EVERYONE who downvotes to post a comment to explain why...but often NO ONE posts anything to give an indication of why they don't believe something is a "deal". It's just as likely that there are a bunch of iPhone haters out there who are downvoting to express those opinions and it has nothing to do with whether this is a "deal".

@grimor: The deals are in order of popularity so the "bottom deal" is always going to be the one with the least votes. I'll agree that there does seem to be some tendency for people to jump on a downvote bandwagon though.


@wilfbrim: I can't say, Personally I will up vote this because it is a neat item that I have not seen before at a good price like vista print is known for, but I hate vista print. They use sub par papers in their business cards, and non standardized sizes for their 'deal' items, like magnets and yard signs so you get a smaller size than you think because most people don't know a 9" x 12" will look tiny on a car. I am in the printing industry and the moment some one compares a quote I give to vista print's I tell them to go use vista print and come back when they want to compare apples to apples. And that's my rant for the day.


@magiccheese: Vista Print is great for the average Joe to get a personalized business card. I haven't tried all of their other products, but I've had several sets of their cards that have been just fine. I'm not trying to impress anyone with my expensive business card. I merely want to give them my information in a memorable way. These are far cheaper than going through any printing service or office supply store. if you are job hunting, your business card is like a mini resume. However, as I said, I have not tried their other products, so YMMV.


@grimor: The deal at the bottom is at the bottom because it has the lowest number of votes, not because it was listed last. If everyone voted this up, by mid day, it would move up in the listing order.
As to why this was down voted, I'm not sure...


@wilfbrim: It's trendy here to hate Vistaprint, regardless of the deal. I've used them in the past, and had nothing but good luck with them. But if it's like past comments, just mentioning something like this will garner downvotes.


If you want cheap Business cards go to, cheaper and they won't spam you to death. these cases are cuteish, but, they look like they are hard plastic. protects poorly, slippery and that photo will probably scratch right off.


@mrsque: Just print a case that her friends willy really covet! Maybe someone will trade her two cases for the one you print.


@tsfisch: I bought a Galaxy S3. Gobs of accessories for it. Those of us who carp about lack of accessories are carping because Woot! and Woot!'s vendors only ever offer icrap-compatible crap.


@wilfbrim: bad merchant and quality issues. You may have been lucky with vista print, but lots of people despise them for their business practices. They got into quite a bit of trouble a few years back for fraudulent charges on people's credit cards. We're not talking about an employee going rogue either, it was their business model to illegally subscribe people to a service called verture where charges were made without the customer's consent. Evven after cancelling the vertrue subscription, people would start seeing charges pop again a year later. Although they no longer do this, the same people still run the company and I don't trust them.

A lot of people also complain about the quality of their products. The small business owner just getting started may not notice, but some of your potential customers will, making your business look amateurish.

Personally, I like using artscow for products like this.