dealstactical aluminium rechargeable stun gun…


I could not resist. That crackle sound gets me all fired up!


i have the 1.9mill volt one. i had that in my front pocket at trader joes in the frozen food isle. i was leaning over for some organic raspberries and it went off. needless to say i was lucky i was in the frozen food isle as i needed to ice my junk after that crazy mess

i used it once to get skaters off a tennis court as the were messing it up.

i told them to leave or i would call the cops. they just laughed. then i let the fire rip from this puppy and they ran like babies


No indication of how bright the light is - that would be a very useful piece of information.


@lparsons42: According to, 160 lumens.

I just like that the charger is built in to the flashlight. It probably gives it some tactical heft, too.


Got mine in under three days. Should have ordered two.
I'm very impressed as it lights the top of palms over 40' high three houses down and is a much brighter spot than my 200Lm headlamp costing over a hundred bucks.
the one I got off Woot via (thatdailydeal) looked like it had been through a couple hands before mine. It came fully charged and with a mildly scratched up lens that looked like someone wiped it with a paper towel.

Very loud crack with the button trigger is easily heard a block away.
gave it to my neighbor but now cant find another under $50 :((