dealsfree security equipment and installation for $0.00


I did a little research. I found these sites with the same contact phone number (it's a cell phone): "Dec 11, 2009 ... I have an old alarm sign if you want it. Seller Contact Info. Contact Name: Joshua. Home Phone: 801-860-8103 ..." Josh Lewis

Also found this:

on Twitter:


Thats creepy. Whats your poinr?


@jmac2424: Any smart person will do some homework before taking advantage of an offer too good to be true, which this is.

So this person (you?) is in the home security business and a leadership excellence business. I put the info up, and let people decide on their own whether to trust or not. There are some unscrupulous vendors who post here. Maybe this person (you?) isn't (aren't). Let the people decide.


@mtrlgrl: I agree with you mostly. However, people can decide to dig into someones personal life by doing what you did also. Ya didnt have to post that and you know it. The answer to what point you were trying to make is yes, I am in both businesses in fact I also have the website which might make more sense to people since you only posted a partial matter


@jmac2424: Anything I posted was a matter of public record, available on the internet. It's not like I posted your home address or put up a picture of you. Why does this bother you so much? Certainly, if I am going to hire someone to do a security system for my home I sure want to know as much as I can about that company or person.


@jmac2424: Transparency is NOT creepy. It exposes the less scrupulous and honors the honest.

@mtrlgrl: Keep up the good work! Maybe you should change your username to sleuthgrl!!


It doesnt bother me at all. I would just prefer to have the person ask about what I do. Isnt that the right way to go about it? And if it is too good of a deal than maybe I should charge fees..?