deals$19 & up: sale fares across u.s. fly through…


Fly Monday through Thursday and Saturdays to get the lowest prices.

Sample Fares:
Long Beach-Las Vegas... $19 (60% off regular fare)
Boston-Baltimore ... $39 (50% off regular fare)
New York City-Boston ... $39 (50% off regular fare)
Phoenix-San Diego ... $49
Los Angeles-Denver ... $59
Seattle-San Francisco ... $59
Nashville-Kansas City ... $59
Washington, D.C.-Milwaukee ... $63
Washingon, D.C.-Orlando ... $64
Dallas-New York ... $64
Denver-San Diego ... $64
Orlando-Boston ... $67
Philadelphia-Orlando ... $67
Milwaukee-St. Petersburg ... $89
San Francisco-Miami ... $94


What's the deal??? This shouldn't even be on woot closeout. It's just a site that will search other sites. Useless.


This wouild be great if I didn't have to TSA * me everytime I boarded a plane


It offered me 50 bucks off of a round trip from Seattle to Boston. Nothing that would convince me to buy now though.


this comes up every once in a while. there is never a deal. i don't know who would ever use this site


Waste of time.....This is basically SPAM!