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Amazon lists these for $29.99 as a huge markdown from what they agree is an MSRP of $125. I can't imagine anybody ever buying for for $125, but I can easily see $29.99. And that makes this a really great deal. I bought one of each design so that I can give one as a gift to my fishing buddy and we'll still be able to tell them apart when they're sitting in the boat. Including shipping, I paid less for two than I would've paid for just one on Amazon even with my free Prime shipping. Thanks for the deal!



The seller name on Amazon is These are being sold at Surprise: The PayPal receipt showed a payment to!

I tried going to and was automagically forwarded to

So there's only one seller, and they're listing it on Amazon at triple the price that they are listing it on their own website and Woot, and they have the ability to list whatever they want as the MSRP in both places. So, as unlikely as the $125 MSRP sounded, now it fails the smell test even more.

Aside from the the MSRP, the appearance of getting a good deal here because it's three times more on Amazon also becomes suspicious - they set it up that way.

The knives might be great, but this is suspicious as all get-out.

I'm going to try to cancel my order. I wouldn't mind having a really nice knife, but I have a feeling these aren't as nice as they seem. If they were, then deception wouldn't be needed in order to sell them.


@mrgrogg: I don't know anything about these knives or if they are even worth $13, but does it matter that much that they sell it for different prices at different places? deals.woot is for deals so maybe they usually do sell it for the price on Amazon but decided to have a sale for wooters. Not uncommon really. And IF they are actually good quality, again no idea myself, then $13 sounds like a great deal. I don't have a need for more than one or two knives I already have so wont be buying...also prefer tanto blades myself lol.

Just curious why you are so turned off by a deal price being listed here as that is supposed to be the point even if they engineered that themselves.


@jesterfx: The point is that - they engineered it so that this non-deal looks like a "deal." It's unlikely the knife was ever on the market for $125 - it's a fake MSRP to create a false sense of value and deal.

As for the knife, it has some nice features like the line cutter and glass breaker. They state that it's 440 stainless steel but there are different types of 440 steel. 440A and 440B are softer steel that won't hold an edge as well as 440C but is more resistant. For $10, it's likely the A or B steel cause they're cheaper to make.

Save your money and wait for woot to offer a Kershaw again. Those are decent knives and you get the assisted opening.


No way this knife sold for $125. Maybe $14.99 or $19.99 at a flea market.

You'll get what you're paying for with this knife, but don't expect a $125 quality knife.


@jesterfx: It's not that they list it lower here. It's that they list it lower here while pretending to be somebody else when it's listed higher. And the MSRP is luidcrously high, but they try to make it seem real by posting the same numbers in two different places under two different names and nowhere else on the internet mentions it at all. (Not that I could find.)

It -could- be totally legit. But it fails the smell test.

vote-for2vote-against is a subsidiary of Brandshopper. It says this on their Contact Us page, as well as the boilerplate text on the bottom of the page.

They normally sell this item for $29.99 on both their Amazon and eBay stores.


In the name of fairness, I should also post here about the good customer service I received regarding my cancellation. Shortly after my order, and after posting what I posted above, I sent an email requesting cancellation.

They promptly cancelled the order and sent me a very nice reply. I'm more likely now to believe that this is a good deal. (I'm keeping my order cancelled, but I acknowledge that my suspicion -may- have been misplaced.)

Their reply is close to the character limit on posts here, so I'll post it in the next one...


Here's the reply I received:

No problem, I’ve gone ahead and cancelled your order and issued a Paypal refund. I noticed your comments on the woot site and will do my best to address your concerns. List prices are set by the manufacturer and these knives are fairly new offerings by Spec-Ops. We’ve seen high quality tactical supply offerings from Spec-Ops and expect the quality to match. We’re excited about this product and believe it rivals a number of top-brand knives, and we look forward to consumer feedback, which we promised to provide back to the Spec-Ops folks. This release is an opportunity for Spec-Ops to get the product in the hands of consumers at a cut-rate while we at UnholyCocktail hope to establish our company as a trustworthy source of high quality products at a significant discount. Truth is, we’re selling this product well below our own cost with the hope that it delivers dividends for our growing business. I hope this helps allay some of your concerns.


@mrgrogg: Bravo good sir. We cherish you, and those like you: the vanguard of internet consumer protection. The legion of deal detectives keeps us safe!


@mrgrogg: I'm concerned that on Amazon, the Spec-Ops brand shows no other item results even though Spec Ops is an established brand which makes awesomely rugged bags and other supplies.

So, in my mind, one of several scenarios is happening...
a) brandshopper is unaware that "Spec-Ops" is NOT "Spec Ops"
b) brandshopper IS aware of this, but is trying to pass these knives off as a reputable brand
c) there is an error in the brand name or something along those lines

I'm leaning heavily towards B in this instance, but I'd have to look more into it when not at work :P


Well, for $13 I risked it. If it seems too cheaply made I guess it'll be tossed into a tackle box or spare tool box.


@seventy8: I'd lean more heavily towards C. My own company had a branding problem on Amazon once. It's easier than it should be to screw it up. Additionally, Brandshopper sells some other very cool brands of products on (They have an awesome deal on Browning shirtjackets, fer instance.)

I've had further email exchanges with the company, and I'm now pretty much convinced that my suspicions were badly-founded. I've actually re-entered my order for both knives. They have a good return policy, so there's little risk. I think this was a case of me seeing something a little unusual and jumping to some pessimistic conclusions.

I hope so, anyway. Only the product will tell for sure.


I was weary on ordering one of these just due to nobody knowing for sure about the quality. I am glad I splurged. A coworker and I split the knives (3+3). After assessing the quality, I immediately checked the deal and it appeared to still be live. So I convinced my brother to order a set of 6. After purchasing, he realized that the shipping was different than I had paid. I called into customer service to discuss it. Although this may have not have been their fault (due to the customer service rep (Keith) stating that the shipping promotion was only supposed to be a 24 hour thing), he still honored the original promotion shipping price and refunded the difference. He even allowed me to purchase an additional order the phone (at the original price) to make me extra happy. So,18 of these knives total for me. Great quality knives (although not made in USA). At this price, I couldn't be happier.

Shipping was extremely fast (probably because I live in PA)

5 stars for unholycocktail


I should also note that this deal is now dead... :(

Link no longer works.


@chemicalgutter: I totally agree.

I got my knives, have used them, and love them.

Additionally, the company has proven to have excellent customer service and truly cares about customer experience.

I regret everything negative I said above. Had I known then what I know now, I'd have had nothing but praise for them. Things looked suspicious, and I believe my posts were reasonable given the information available to me at the time, but given more information I have found that I was completely wrong.

If this deal comes up again, jump on it!


Edit: The deal is active again... Looks like they must have fixed the website after today's call to customer service.


i bought 2 of these the first time. just bought 6 more. jump on these. not $125 but as someone else said, ive paid $30 for much worse. as far as $10 goes, these are the best knives youll be able to buy


These are the same as the $7 knives from China (via Deal Extreme, Meritline, etc.). Bad quality and generic design (copycat rescue knife). I regret buying them.