dealspc gaming headset adjustable boom mic black for…


$7.93 for shipping plus a $0.95 processing fee was a bit too much for me.


@grezes71: Well, gotta blame the postal service. Can't send a 1lb headset for anything less than $6+


So wait.. .the price they are charging, completely is $17.81, just $.50 lower than the retail price it states on the website? That doesn't seem like a good deal at all.
Also, the page is broken and the reviews button does nothing more than reload the page.
Found, however, the same headset at microcenter for $7.99.
On ebay it sells for as much as $12.95 with free shipping, but goes for as low as $7.50
$9.99 for sale at And nobody seems to have reviews for it at all.

But, good luck with the sale.


@artimid: I'd like to point out that Innex is a wholesaler, and does not sell to the end user. Secondly, I'd like to point out that your reference for said item is incorrect, as it's the Professional one shown. And third most, I'd like to say that the page isn't broken, it reloads the page because there aren't any reviews of said product yet. If there were reviews then it would show them.


@dascheap: Oh look, your defending your "deal" which, ironically, points to YOUR website! Oh....and it's RETAIL PRICE after shipping! Stop defending this INSANE rip off you scheister! People have posted MUCH better deals for this in your own thread. I will continue to follow you now and post in ALL OF YOUR THREADS competing sites and prices. You are a shifty, greedy low life. You are purposefully trying now to just rip people off. Go to microcenter and pick one up for 8 bucks. Or do a froogle search on the same headset.


@mleejr: I am defending the truth. Yes, of course it's a deal that posts to the website. It's of the TOS here at Woot. Also, there is no "ripoff", it's an item that we feel is well priced that people may not know about, hence the reason we posted it. Your personal attacks on me are unwarranted, and your information misguided.

I'd be more than honored than to troll my listings, so therefore you can inform everyone, so that they are made aware. You also forgot to mention that we give 10% back to all our customers. So yes, the deal is very good for the product despite your heinous accusations.