dealsfree xbox live stuff (themes, avatar items, etc…


(C = Microsoft Points)
Castle Crashers - 600c (50% Off)

Super Meat Boy - 800c (33% Off)

Comic Jumper - 800c (33% Off)

Risk Faction - 400c (50% Off)

Borderlands: Claptrap's New Revolution (DLC) - 400c (50% Off)

Carcassonne - 400c (50% Off)

After Burner Climax - 400c (50% Off)

Banjo-Tooie - 600c (50% Off)

The UnderGarden - 400c (50% Off)


The avatar glasses download also get you entered into their holiday contest. Every purchase you make with the holiday deals also gains you an entry.

Also, everyday they will have a different download and avatar item for discount, for that day only.

I was able to finish Alan Wake for 200 points a few days back.


@wickedd365: I missed that...I was thinking that the deals were good until the event was over...but they just leave 'em up to rub in what you've missed lol

The Mass Effect 2 DLC was like 75% off (200c)...

Today's deal: Monday Night Combat


You have 11 friends and you still aren't popular.

I'm ashamed to call you my deal. Get out of my house.


lol...more votes than most of the popular deals and still not on the pop page :D

I just don't understand the world anymore...

On the plus side, there's only like a day left heh, so it's not a lot to miss out on anymore...BUT these last 2 days of deals have been pretty siiick