dealsuniversal 9" brass pistol hand gun cleaning kit…


Meh - bought one 6 or 7 years ago from Sportsmans guide or CTD for the same price give or take a dollar.
Decent kit, but nothing special. Better off with a Hopps universal rifle kit. There is no room in the case to add solvent, and little room for patches or added brushes. I use and love bore snakes for long barrels - much faster and more effective than a patch. Just haven't gotten around to getting them in handgun calibers. I keep mine in my pistol range bag for quick touch ups. It will fit in a cargo pant pocket (as they used to advertise).


Not sure what "universal" means since I doubt this is a set which would work on a 22 or 25 (maybe even a 32) cal. pistol. Those wool swabs don't look like they could make it through any of the smaller calibers. But I am relying on viewing the pictures since there are no specifics on the site such as the diameter of the rods/swabs. Why would they not include diameter data essential to knowing if it is a good cleaning kit for specific calibers (or better, list the calibers for which it works)?


@thomasr: If you look under the "additonal info" tab, it states 'Ideal for calibers between .257 and .40; may cause some difficulty if used under .257"


In CA this might soon be the only gun related item you can buy without being taxed to death and/or registering...if even allowed then.