dealsfirefly - the complete series ws-dvd for $18.99


Unrelated, but I was shocked to see the Blu-ray version of this set at Target for $70... but Firefly fanatics (who won't stop telling me how good it is, even after telling them I didn't like it) are apparently willing to pay that much.


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I'd think most of us who like, love, and/or obsess over this show already have a copy (or two).
On the other hand, I think it makes a lot of us quite happy just to see these DVD sets pop up at all. Or is that just me?

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Do you like
[ ] Westerns
[ ] Zombies
[ ] Space travel
[ ] Great acting, writing, and character development

If you've checked more than 1 of these boxes watch the Firefly series


Ive added a deal here once where the Bluray was going for $30. IF you check it on Amazon, you can catch it pretty cheap sometimes, but rarely more than a couple copies listed as those prices.

This however is definitely a deal. You rarely ever find the regular DVD set any cheaper than this.

Im shocked to see -4 votes on this already. Haters gunna hate I guess.


I got one from costco for $14.98 a year and a half ago. When they start getting SciFi DVD sets for holiday gift giving.

It did make me a bit disgusted as it was in the childrens DVD section. The local county library system does the same thing. If labeled/published SciFi or Fantasy it goes in childrens. But if its Romance or from a romance publisher it goes into the Adult fiction section. So you should consider if looking for a better deal to check adult as well as childrens and teen/tween sections. As a female lifetime SciFi/Fantasy Fan I hate the assumption that its only for children, but silly romances are "Adult."


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Great series, Love it. Anyone that likes those things in the list above will love these shows.


I just finished watching this series, got it from the library and am obsessed. It's heartbreaking that there are no more episodes. I have in my dvd player as i write this, the movie Serenity. I can't stop telling my friends about the series. I don't buy dvds, except for my granddaughter but I can't pass this up. I do have the Buffy dvds and am too embarrassed to say how often i watch it. Maybe more than anyone else on earth. I LOVE Joss Whedon, did not like the Dollhouse


Just as a counterpoint from someone who watched the whole series and is a lifelong SF aficionado:

Firefly is the most over-hyped series ever! If you want to own the show with the lowest quality-content-to-fan-enthusiasm ratio, buy this!

Seriously, you have to like westerns so much that you want every show you watch to be in that format, you have to wish that the South had won the Civil War, and you have to be really, really, not interested in the science component of a series that takes place mostly on a spaceship, because if you look at the science of this show straight-on, instead of briefly, out of the corner of your eye, you will wince. Repeatedly. And to this day I can't bear to hear people talking in 'Aw, Shucks' dialect.


If you like the series, be sure to watch the movie Serenity. It puts closure to the series that ended after the first season.



Perhaps people don't like westerns because they wish the South had won the Civil War, but because elitist douchebags like yourself would be shot quickly in the west.

Firefly is a fun ride. I prefer Battlestar Galactica, but no self respecting sci fi fan would live their life w/o having seen Firefly and Serenity.


@forbichoff: you've been here a year and still havent realized how much these people love their firefly? This deal could have been $1,000 and it still would have been voted up into oblivion. lol

@pohatu771: I'm sure some have even spent college savings/retirement plans to get something firefly related. "what? a chance to have a lifesize replica of Serenity delivered to my house?! YES!!!"


For other fans out there...Start at 1 (duh!, but i know someone will say something about it if i dont)

The Race: Pt. 1 -
The Race: Pt. 2 -
The Race: Pt. 3 -
The Race: Pt. 4 -
The Race: Pt. 5 -


I really wish they had added this to the special features.


@angelbabi523 Your right, we sure do love our Firefly! :D

IF you search though, you will see about 40% of all Firefly stuff has been posted by me over the past year.

I had never even heard about Firefly until about a year after it was canceled.. Even then I didnt "hear" about it. I ran across it online and downloaded it.. Immediately fell in love. The reason this show didnt get huge is because it had no publicity.. and Fox is HORRIBLE at running a decent show. If its not American Idol, it wont survive.