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Um, why would I want to put potential hazardous waste in my GARDEN?


In for 5. These will make good decorations for Halloween, a flower garden, or around my small fish pond.

I don't think they'd be selling them if they were hazardous waste, modern glowing materials are non-toxic.



I read the pages on Zinc sulfide and Strontium aluminate and neither mention any hazard from using either of the 2 phosphorescent pigment.


Bought them first thing this morning when the deal went on, was going to post it to woot, but figured someone else would. Ordered them to go around my skeleton flamingos :


Why do people post things without including the shipping costs in the title? These are $6.98, not 3.99. :-P


@kajex: Well, the shipping should be in the title, but it is on the text description here.
Also, it's not a per piece shipping structure, buy more and it's not $3 to ship each one.


You can get the same thing over at today too. Same price once you factor in shipping.

Unless you're buying more than one set. Then get it at 13deals -- they discount shipping on multiple items. And they have other items you can throw in your cart too, to save on shipping.


i cant login or create an account on that page to purchase....
nor will it send a lost password



amazon review: Slivers, not pebbles. A box of 100 came in a box maybe 4" by 6". One box will cover and area of 2" X 4" area. Would not recommend

but then i found these and it looks ok; (price is way higher but has good pics)


Tried to create a new account a few times, each resulted in a communications error. Not Ready for Prime Time.


I picked up a set for Hallowe'en walkway lighting. With a cylindrical lens on my violet laser, I can charge them all up to full with a quick pass. Should keep them glowing well into the dark.