dealsfree bloomin' onion monday, 9/24, at the outback…


while delicious, this is about the least healthy food in the world. it's 10 bucks here in korea. still bought it 3 times. wish they had the same deals here.


You're the kind of person who makes these deals obsolete!!


These are great but to be honest I could use a little more grease.


@decyde: did they give you the delicious brown bread and butter with the soup?


@decyde: Oh, I believe I read it was 2,210 calories per onion online for those who are interested.


I'd suggest just getting the soup of the day for $3 and the Bloomin' Onion. I got this last week and after eating the soup, I couldn't even put a dent into that onion. I might of eaten 1/5 of it. It doesn't travel to well for take out but after it was in the fridge over night, it wasn't as soggy the next day. I part of it with a sammich for lunch and the rest for dinner and had onion breath till Thursday.


May I suggest the 'other' item you might order? A 4 course meal for $15. Order that, mention Ryan Newman & get that Bloomin' Onion at no extra charge! :-D