dealsbeats by dr dre solo hd on ear headphones for…


I have spoken to the merchant regarding this product. They are confident that these are 100% genuine Beats. Please let me know if you have any questions.


@thefenst: Even if they are, beats are the single most overpriced headphone on the market right now.


Who is to say that smooth jazz is in fact not gangster?

Also, I understand downboating overpriced headphones but why downvote @thefenst? With plenty of copycat headphones if you're going to buy overpriced headphones you should at least feel comfortable knowing they're legit non counterfeit overpriced headphones. Nothing wrong with the comment at all.


@thefenst: thanks for making sure these are genuine. With the number of fakes posted here, including the occasional sponsored deal, it's appreciated.

That being said, the problem is that unless they're bought from an authorized seller, the warranty is invalid. These may very well be genuine, but I didn't see this particular seller listed here:,default,pg.html
considering that this particular seller lists the 1-year warranty for these on their site, I'd like them to say whether or not they are an authorized seller, and if not, why are they bothering to advertise the warranty at all?


Who cares if they are real are not? Either way they are overpriced / lower quality headphones.

Fakes might even sound better.



As much as I hate rapper endorsed headphones... Beats aren't TERRIBLE headphones. They over-emphasize bass and are overpriced... BUT, the build quality is really good.

I'd never buy them myself (I hope to grab some V-MODA ones myself) but don't TOTALLY knock them...

My 2 cents.


Didn't the last merchant claim that their's were real too?

Proceed at your own risk, folks.


Buy some Grado s80i's and $50 of malt liquor for the true high quality gangster experience and get better sounding headphones too for the same $


@narfcake: As part of my day job, I deal with a bunch of merchants selling counterfeit merchandise (Dr. Dre headphones are by far the most common item I see)

One thing they all have in common is they all claim their stuff is legit.

Most of them know fully well their stuff is fake but just don't care. But there are quite a few who really believe there stuff is genuine. Their supplier has assured them it is genuine and they are 100% confident they are selling legit stuff...until they find out they aren't.


Hello everybody, I just want to let you know that the headphones that are being sold today are very legitimate. We have done business in this space for over 10 years and the supplier is very good. While I know some you think that they are overpriced, these headphone are very hard to come by at this price. We believed that the wooters would recognize that.
We are sorry for the fraudulent behavior of some the previous dealers, but we pride ourselves as an honest and transparent company. We consistently offer some of the best prices on the net to our members and would love the wooters to be a part of Overrunz and Z Bucks.

Once again, we apologize for any confusion. Please contact us with any questions at


@kamikazeken: The warranty on the product is valid and will be honored. The list that is available online does represent all resellers. This is a solid deal.


@rustybender: Hello, I would just like to reiterate that these are legit headphones from the manufacturer. They are boxed in corporate packing, have a warranty, and sound amazing. We have been dealing in this space for many years and pride ourselves on being transparent and honest. We would know a fake a mile away, and we would never sell one to you or anybody else.


@bloodypenguin: Thanks for your opinion. While you may believe these are overpriced, this is the best price for factory new Beats Studios on the internet.


Huh? Sorry, had my "beats" turned up too loud....


For this form factor, I prefer the Steelseries Flux headphones. Significantly more functional and with interchangeable cords and ear cushions (plus compatible audio cords for both PC and cell phone being interchangeable) they are the most durable/maintainable pair of headphones I have ever seen. Audio quality is second to none, and they are reasonably priced compared to these. At least check their site out (PS: I have no affiliation with Steelseries whatsoever).


why bother putting beats crap on front page, gtfo


funny the official monster black list has deals.woot on there


One thing I've noticed is that the places selling fakes deny repeatedly that they are fakes. They say they can spot a fake a mile away, except that the fakes are packaged in a way that it can actually be quite difficult to tell. They may actually believe they are real.
The problem here is that these guys say they trust their distributor- red flag. If they are not buying them direct, they cannot vouch for their legitimacy.


@navthesav It's also funny they have on the list. Which is probably the most reputable reseller of AV cables and accessories (at a fraction of the price of Monster's stuff) out there.


I'm wondering whether
a) anyone actually ordered these
b) they've actually received them
c) they ended up being genuine

Just morbid curiosity...