dealsvizio 32" smart led hdtv w/ wi-fi, 720p hd…


Hmmmm. Let's see. It only has 2 HDMI inputs, only 720p resolution, no stated refresh rate so don't count on anything higher than 60hz or clear picture when there is motion, it's a refurb, and it's from 1saleaday. Average shipping time I've experienced from them in the past has been about 3 - 4 weeks from the day I place the order. Average time for them to bill my credit card has been less than 1 hour from the time I place the order. Average time to get a refund when a refurbed item from them arrives DOA is over 3 months and counting.

I definitely will pass on this!


Not a great deal for Refurbished item when you can pick one up exact model Brand new Not refurbished from walmart for $248.00 as well as Target & yes I would rather pay little more & tax for brand new unit buying from walmart or Target any day over 1 Sale a day, knowing if anything goes sideways I can always return it for exchange.


gotta compare apples to apples though....this same tv is 298.00 at walmart...i would still buy new over refurb tho....


@gsvanwinkle: at 32", 720p would not be a detriment. You really must exceed 45" or so to notice any difference between 720 and 1080 material. The refresh-rate myth is just that. I have a 32" 60Hz refresh TV and I've yet to notice any "blur" in motion. More important is the response time of the LCD. 8ms or less (5 is great). Higher refresh rates, especially those over 120Hz, are for marketing, no real advantage to your viewing.