dealsmass effect 1, 2, and 3 for $25.00 + free shipping


I wouldn't get something that requires Origin to play.

Your better off getting the collection for ps3 or xbox or something


@firesoul453: dumbest comment ever firesoul453......

instead of purchasing digital content you suggesting purchasing it from what is exactly wrong with the gaming industry. I would rather not support buying products that enforce ridiculous fees for DLC that were free prior to consoles. Also I do not enjoy the fact that games are still being produced with 3D engines over a decade old.

Continue your life as a sucker and consumer sheep.


Both of you guys make a good point @firesoul453 and @racerd.

However the correct answer is just not to buy this game on any platform, and just to try to stay away from EA games in general if you can help it.

I wouldn't touch anything on Origin or any service backed by EA, and the consoles do really rip everyone off on DLC prices.



I'm the sucker and sheep? If I am going to buy a game, I would rather own it and have the permanent ability to play it and sell it than depend on EA games.

How exactly is a digitial copy that requires EA games software to constantly run on your computer any better? If 10 years from now they decide to shut down the servers (and being EA you can bet they will!) then the digitial copy will be broken while my copy will work fine.

And what does the DLC and engine have to do with wether to buy a digital or disk version? DLC is on both and actually the ps3 version has the first two games remade in the much newer engine for mass effect 3.