dealsbroken electronics from for $0.00


Initially hit 'WOOT' but it's not really giving them away, you have to sign up and even then you aren't guaranteed to get them. Yeah, I know - it doesn't cost me anything to put my name down and, who knows, I could get some but I'll withhold both my vote and my contact information from this one.


I've gotten a few of these before in the past... except they weren't free.


@gut funk: Maybe this time it's reeeally broken. They have to sweep it up in a dust pan.


Seems to be geared towards tinkering groups. Might be fun for college and high school kids looking to build robots or the like...


grown ups like building robots too.


Great. Now we have people posting 'FREE TRASH!'.
Anyone is more than welcome to come and take away my trash and my poop.


Finking..if they have sooo much broken stuff.. they have to give away...maybe its not such a good place to buy from..


@shadetreescouser: Hey! If Starbucks can give away their used coffee grounds, Thinkgeek can send us free trash. Who knows what great usable clutter might be in there?


It's asking that companies sign up for this. There is a fee for the shipping; site says you have to have a UPS account. Still, if you work some where, put in their info and you down as the primary contact with your address.


@mleejr my dog loves to eat both! How much do you want for shipping?


It's like the curb alert on Craigslist.


I'm pretty good at fixing stuff. This deal is perfect for me.


well.. better for them that they save money on paying someone to pick up those items and/or recycle them properly. my county just outlawed throwing away your CRT and mercury thermostats, you have to dispose of those special and there's a fee for some of those special disposal items.

i think it's a great idea, for the environment (minus the shipping of course) and for people who have use for them. like a Freecycle or Craigslist "curb alert"


@davgig: If you sell on eBay, you likely have a UPS account in your own name, with your own account number.
Me, I have enough broken stuff without time to 'fix' it. Wouldn't want anybody shipping me theirs, too.


I wish Newegg, Crutchfield or Guitar Center would do this...I'm pretty good at fixing stuff too.


@mfaughn: You can probably go to your local stores like Guitar Center and just ask them. Some stores have to send in their broken hardware to a depot center, but not necessarily all of them or they might just not know. Then you can score!


Yes! Exactly what I needed.


@mfaughn: Guitar Center rejects would be awesome!