dealslifetime warranty straight razor with leather…


I've used a mug and brush instead of canned shaving cream for years, so I'm familiar with the concept of the old ways sometimes being superior. But I'm having trouble convincing myself that scraping my throat with a naked blade before having my coffee is a good idea. I believe I'll have to pass on this one.


Funny these are $29.99 each and then they off a "Quantity Discount" when you buy two at $59.99.

Actually, it would be cheaper to buy two individual ones. $29.99 x 2 = $59.98 so it's cheaper by a penny. Nice quantity discount guys.


For those who like to pretend they are a secret agent


If anyone is interested in straight shaving, don't buy these. They're not going to be "shave" ready, and the steel will not hold an edge. Look for something at Maggard Razors or Straight Razor Designs if you want a real razor. A Dovo will start off at $79.99 but you can find a good shave ready vintage razor for $50.


@cengland0: There's a five dollar shipping charge on the singles - the two-packs ship for free. So you actually save $9.99 on the two-pack compared to buying two singles.


@mommadillo: try a double edge safety razor then. Thats what I use.