dealssherlock season 1: original uk cut (region free…


Also doesn't play on my Philips Blu-Ray player. Thankfully, I have a Blu-Ray drive to rip it to the computer.


Really quality production and superb acting.


Where are we to get it for $6.95? None of the price options are that low.


If you are curious about this series, you can check out the first three episodes on netflix! I fell in love with it there and plan to buy this! Seriously amazing series! Each episode is over an hour long so it keeps you hooked for a great amount of time. like watching a new movie each night! My girlfend and I love it! hope you will too!


It seems the price has changed, but <$8 for this season is still a bargain. Even though there are only three episodes, each episode is nearly an hour and a half long. It's like watching a movie, but all three tie together and bring you twists and turns that you never thought about. You need to watch this season, and the next season. They are brilliant. Just when you think something is about to happen, it does, then something completely unseen happens and knocks you off your feet.