dealsset of hair chalk with 24 assorted colors for $15…


Not so fast, Mr. Clever Photographer. I know your tricks.


I've never heard of hair chalk, and for all I know it's terrible for your hair and ineffective to boot, but I've seen a lot worse reasons for upvoting than the obvious ones we have here.


WHOA did you guys check out the left side of that picture? There's a pretty neat looking chain. I wonder what it's for. Maybe a whistle or something?


lol,"I've never heard of hair chalk, and for all I know it's terrible"

I actually have been looking for hair chalk and will give this a shot.


I had never heard of this before but I know my daughters love to have the salon streak their hair so I was tempted to buy it. I studied the price elsewhere and I'm not sure how great the price is. Here is a link to a kit that gives you more chalk for half the price;


@trypsin: There is a right side to the picture? Didn't see it


You can just got to any arts and craft store and buy chalk pastels and use them. Do not use oil pastels tho, because they will dye your hair. Plenty of tutorials on youtube if you want to see how it is done.