dealssteampunk style toy pocket watch for $7.99 + freeā€¦


Just like the Chinese POSs you can buy all day long off ebay for similar pricing. the same keywords will pretty much find every style available.


@ozzallos: I'm not sure why you got negative votes because you're right - you get what you pay for. These are costume pieces that somewhat function early on and then fail.


@shadoe: A quick search shows this member only makes negative comments...rather trollish IMO.

As you mentioned, it's very obvious this product is a toy and doesn't make any claims to be anything else.


I am kinda surprised this is on sale at your site, your merchandise is better than this.


@wingnut99: WOOT doesn't allow 99.9% of what I sell on the Popular tab so I have to find creative ways of getting there :-)

Currently on Popular is an item with 8 votes while my deal from yesterday has over 40 votes and isn't "Popular".

DW has redefined the word "popular".