deals$5 off blu-ray's over $5 starting at for $2.81


If you want $5 off each Blu-ray you purchase you will have to order and pay for each one separately. A little bit of a pain but well worth the saved money plus if you use PayPal or Google checkout it makes it much easier.


How did you order them all separately? The website only allows me to login using an account and apply the code once?


Doesn't work. Bill shows up in pay pal as normal without discount on each individual.


@segafanalways: Maybe they closed this loophole, but the coupon code says one use per account. I suppose you could open new accounts with different email addresses, but otherwise, no dice.


@loulinkj7: I used Google checkout so I didn't have to login. I purchased Training Day and Heartbreak Ridge using this method. It charged me separate for each.

Try logging out and just using Google checkout.


Works for me, I've got Point Break, Falling Down, and Bullit already. Probably going to get a few more. (I'm using the not logged in / Google checkout method)


I just found out that this code isn't just for Blu-rays. It seems to cover everything on their site. Blu-Ray's, DVD's, CD's, Vinyl.


I bought one blu ray and 2 SACDs. Either they are going to close this loophole or either refund all my orders. No way I end up with all 3 items.


I cant get it to add to cart and stay right now...


They just canceled my second order. Guess they found the loop hole. The code should still be good for one purchase though.