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I have one of these for Simba when we go out of town, or for driving in hazardous conditions, or when I want to go cruising with the windows all the way down. He gets so excited that he's going someplace he starts trying to put it on himself but of course he does it all out of order and it's a big mess. My funny guy.


@belyndag: I have one of him trying to put on one of my old sweatshirts if you wanna see it. It's pretty funny.


@moondrake: LOL! Love it! I think this is the one you shared a while back. I seem to recall a discussion about Simba needing the sweatshirt to stay warm during the winter. My daughter (a dog groomer) and I had a great giggle watching it. Simba obviously knows that his head is SUPPOSED to go through that hole, and thinks he can do it himself. What a character!

P.S. Love the colors of your skirt!


@belyndag: Yeah, he wears a sweatshirt all winter. When I know it's going to be seriously cold I keep him inside, but in the desert the temperature can change rapidly and drastically (one April afternoon we entered the movie theater in shorts because it was sunny and 80 and when we got out it was below freezing and pouring down snow). If the temperature starts dropping while I am at work I may not be able to get free to go and put him in, so the sweatshirt is just insurance. Plus he likes it. Some friends of mine are in the process of moving cross-country for work and their 2 year old is a huge fan of Simba, asks after him all week and is so happy to see him on the weekends. So I am going to be posting a lot more YouTube videos for them in the coming months so their son can get his dose of Simba.


@moondrake: Wonderful! I will have to subscribe to your YouTube page so I can follow Simba, as well.


Ha! That YouTube is Hysterical! He's so Smart! I could see how hard he was trying to help you to put it on him. Enthusiasm! And then how Calm& Peaceful he became after you finally got it on him. He's a Charm! And you're very Pretty, he's very Hansom, you both have fabulous outfits (especially you, Very Nice!)... it's certain, you both have an Awesome relationship, a FUN and Loving couple, you both make Wonderful Partners... Close, Connected, Happy, Loving... it's a Joy to see! WhaddaDawg!