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Just so you know, this isn't for receding hairlines, only for Androgenic alopecia (, balding located at the crown of the head.


Cheaper at CVS or BJ Warehouse. Just use the $10 coupons available everywhere then wait for it to go on sale at CVS.


@joelp77440: Men's ROGAINE® Foam is the only FDA-approved hair regrowth foam. Because it's a foam, not a solution, it is applied differently. The foam is gently massaged into the scalp in contrast to ROGAINE® Extra Strength Topical Solution—where an applicator (dropper) is used to apply the solution onto the hair loss area.


Costco brand is still $20 for 6 months

vote-for1vote-against there SCENTED rogaine? "hi, i'll take pine forest, please."


I've seriously considered this before... Has anyone ever tried the foam on facial hair areas? I get a few small bald patches. When my beard gets full enough, however, these patches cannot be seen. It's not too big of a deal, but I would certainly love to fill them in.


@etripoli: Actually, minoxidil has been shown to be somewhat effective at frontal hairline areas--it's only indicated for the vertex area because that's what the FDA approved.