dealssamsung galaxy tab 2 w/ wifi (ice cream sandwich…


Refurbished but hey this is the best 7" tablet you can buy right now (debatable against the Galaxy 3 7" tab).


@mozzerrocks: What makes this "the best 7" tablet you can buy right now"? It has a much lower resolution screen and outdated hardware compared with current/new tablets.


@darksiderising: Well most people can't always afford an iPad or similar. I have this tab and it is quite impressive for a 7" tablet


Its an impressive tablet, even a good one, but it is dated compared against the Nexus 7, let alone the gen 2 Nexus 7. This is still a decent deal though.


I bought a refurb one of these from Woot a few months ago at this same price, liked it so much I had to buy another for my hubby 'cause he was monopolizing mine. Got the 2nd brand new at Costco for $159.99 after $30 rebate. Would I like an iPad or Nexus 7? Of course, but for the money this tab is awesome!