dealsgolden corral - two all you can eat buffets for…


i went to Golden Corral just yesterday and for some reason made the papers:

must be my pimpin new shirt


That shirt is extra awesome. Extra credit for the boom box.


A Golden Corral opened near me last year and I couldn't wait to try it. Went was disappointed but thought I would give it another try, went back a second time and that was it, definitely not my thing. They say everything is homemade but I think they mean homemade at the factory and then reheated at the buffet. Wasen't my thing, and I like just about any food. I'll pass, even with a coupon.


Mon - Thurs, after 4pm, does not include drink, or tax.
How much is GC normally, I haven't gone in a few months but isn't the basic price around $10 to $11 ?


Does this deal include five free screaming children at the next table and the feeling that your gut is about to explode as you leave?


My kids love the chocolate fountain. Me, I'm not so sold. Pretty sure I've seen some kids (and maybe grown folks) dip without skewers, like their fingers, and go back for more!


First place was never my thing. I'll wait for the Silver or Bronze Corral.


@bobbyatkinson: yeah.. and with drink and tax you're almost at $14... which is why we stopped going there.


just be prepared to jump out of a moving car for the deal.


Golden Corral always seems like a better idea on the way in than when you leave.


Golden Corral is good when your 3 year old wants to be finicky. Not so good for a first date.

I work with a guy who is a Golden Corral aficionado. He was so enthusiastic about planning to take a date to the Corral off Glenwood because it was better than the closer one in Garner.