dealstardis ornament for $19.98


I love Doctor Who but in what alternate universe is $20 ($24 including shipping) for one christmas ornament a "deal"? It doesn't even light up or talk or anything.


@starblind - well it IS $3 off the regular price!


@starblind: It is only a deal to a Doctor Who collector such as myself and normally I would pass up such an expensive ornament, but I have Christmas money to spend :)


@starblind: I hear its a great deal in the alternate universe where Rose's dad never died...


Weak non deal. The 25 dollar Tardis cookie jar is something you can at least use 12 months out of the year. The effective cost of this ornament is $287.16 because it is only useful 1 month out of the year. Although you could halve this by leaving the tree up through February...

This is almost as bad as that 25 dollar 'Enterprise' pizza cutter.


@urbsnspices: funny you should mention the Enterprise pizza cutter, as I own that one, too.


This is a nice novelty Christmas thingy but what about a Tardis menorah/chanukia?


@theoneill555: Glad I could be an inspiration. Sometimes I like to post deals and questions on the same topic to increase my woot feng shui.


I ordered one of these for my husband for Christmas last year around October. Unfortunately, they apparently ran out and didn't bother telling me that I was never going to get it, so I kept waiting and waiting and waitng. I finally called and they informed of the news. Pretty poor customer service! I was told it was backordered until Feb., so I guess at least that part is right.