dealsfree home water test kit from 3m for $0.00


Thanks! Now I can find out what they are putting in the water around here.


Submitted request, received this reply later:
Thank you for your interest in 3M Clean Water Solutions Products. Unfortunately, we are not yet available in all areas and your address falls in an area that we are not yet able to support. Our current areas of availability are:

Chicago, IL
Manchester, NH
New Haven, CT
Charleston, SC
Waco, TX
San Antonio, TX
Omaha, NE
Orange County, CA
Portland, OR
Spokane, WA
Boulder, CO
Washington DC/Northern Virginia Area


I ordered it and it went through. I live in NH (not Manchester). And thank for posting this.


This offer is no longer valid. Expired in 2010.


I am curious to know how successful these tests are. Are they made by a professional company or is it a small business?
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