dealsduo atari arcade for ipad, ipad 2 and ipad 3…


Does anyone know if the atari games are free from the app store?


$15 new member credit on orders $35 or over. 2 Atari's for $25 after credit!!


@angerbender: Download Atari's Greatest Hits app on the App Store it's free


will it work with my Ipad 4??



Ipad 4 has a different dock. Maybe with an adapter it would work but then it wouldn't dock properly.


Insane deal at $20. I have already have one of these (paid $50 over a year ago) and love it. The sounds from the games are identical to the real arcade games. It's a blast to play centipede and hear the sounds of the centipede and shooting the little mushrooms just like the arcade. Great stuff!


@vaultcom: I figured I'd use the credit on something else, and get just one of these. I spent almost 20 minutes looking at all the products from all their stores. Everything but this was crap. So I got two of these too!!! Thanks for the suggestion! I have the perfect birthday gift now for a geeky friend.


@Vaultcom: Isn't that misleading? The app is free but the games aren't.



Wait, what?! The app is free but the games aren't!?


I wasn't going to buy it until I saw the comment that the app was free. I assumed the app contained the games. Why would somebody mention that the app is free if the games aren't?

How much are the games? I'm getting the distinct feeling I'm about to feel ripped off.


Just looked it up. $10 buys 99 games or they are 99¢ each for packs of 3-4. So, 40% again the cost of the device since I took the $15 credit and ordered 2 for $25.

Why did I buy this?



@mrgrogg: The good thing about the games is that they can be played without the console when you're out with your iPad somewhere. If you grew up with these games then $10 is well worth the memories they bring back.


I paid $100 for the icade and love it! Now I just picked up 2 of these for $25 bucks! These will be gifts for friends. Not only do they work on the Atari app but on over 100 games as well! Temple run is just one of them!


I just got a shipping notification and confirmed that it isn't a delayed notification of something that shipped already. Yup. Eight days after my order they finally got around to putting it in the mail. I run a warehouse that does order fulfillment for ecommerce companies. If an order ever took eight days to leave my warehouse, somebody would be getting written up. Ridiculous.