dealssandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" white 4gb mp3 player…


Gotta love it! But I think they need a new color...peacock, maybe?


I fixed an older Sansa for my dad (not easy to open these bad boys!), and now it's apparently not working again (I shoulda known, the wire for the battery was a bit short, and I can't fix it again, sadly). However, this seems like it would be the PERFECT present for him, apparently he loved using his Sansa. Hmmm....the question is, do I really want to spend that much on him? LOL


@baybei: there's also a refurb available for 19.99 with free shipping here.


@carl669: Oh, that may work better! I plan on putting all the music on it before giving it to him anyway. It's pretty much what I did when I gave him the other one. I wanted to see if he'd actually use one before going out and buying him one, since he loved it so much I didn't buy him a new one (I was actually going to get him an iPod). I'm just going to get him another Sansa. Christmas present for him = done! Yay...getting closer and closer to finished with my shopping! Thanks for the great deal! :)


Don't buy the refurb, no warranty, $5 more gets you 1yr warranty.


The players are great but the display is hard to read in direct sunlight. Also the clip that allows you to "clip" it onto things breaks easily


Look at the bottom of the page - purple is the same price. Might be other colors too -- I'm just looking now...


@ericpost: Yeah, the clip does make me a little sad. I broke it at work and now I have to dig through my pocket for it; First world problems, though. Also dunked the thing in a cup of water but it still works.