dealsgrow your own banana tree for $9.99


I was not aware that banana "trees" were actually herbs. The More You Know ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ★


After the movie Contagion, I'll pass


Not sure what you're supposed to do when it grows to several feet tall, it'll hardly stay on the kitchen windowsill, and they wont survive well in freezing outdoor temperatures.


@pg318: When a houseplant is too big for a windowsill, a common sense solution would be to repot it and put it on the floor. Of course, this would require that you both a.) have a floor, and b.) are clever enough to make use of it.


I have banana trees (oops! herbs?) in my yard. Am fortunate to live in Central FL where they do grow & yield bananas. Not every year; it does freeze here. Mine are 'miniature' bananas - approx. 4-5" long. Delicious & sweet. The trees (herbs) grow to approximately 5-6' tall. Lovely, lush vegetation when there isn't a freeze. :-/ Caveat: Mine were 'transplants' of approx. 1 ft when then were planted about 20 years ago. Do not expect bananas for a few years, if I remember correctly.


I think my point was that they will soon grow to be far too large to be a houseplant - and probably before they get mature enough to be fruit-bearing . I once had a yucca plant that I only had for a couple of years, but it had to be cut up to get it out once it hit the ceiling...


@gmwhit: The best banana I've ever had in my life was one of four that grew on our mini banana tree my dad bought when I was a kid (remember the ads for mini banana trees in the 70s?). I'd love to get another one, but I'll wait until my wife's cat has assumed room temperature. Cats seem to like banana trees, but banana trees don't seem to like cats (or, more specifically, their urine; which is why we only got four bananas off of that tree before it croaked).


@drjing: I made myself a little sick asking myself this question, but I have to know.
Do you think it was that cat urine that made that harvest so tasty? Quality is better than quantity. I just need to know if I have to get a cat to grow "The Best Banana"


We have a lemon tree in our front window. This would be a great addition.


Whats going on here...wootbot posted a top deal that is both interesting and different. I hope this is a new trend...his wife girlwootbot must be so proud!


@cowboydann: You made me a little sick with your question, too! Hahaha! No, we harvested the bananas, then the cat relieved himself on the plant, and the plant quickly expired.


They call it 'herb' ? Nothing worse than a dumb geek...


nice deal,may be i should consider to grow one banana tree!:)


The actual name for it is Banana Plant.


Most banana trees only produce once and then need to be knocked over in order to produce again. They are very similar to corn stalks.


I got two "ice cream" banana trees (as I affectionately call them) this past summer from Lowes. Live in Southern CA and they have grown like crazy, especially during the summer months. They're both now about 12-15 feet tall...pretty cool plants if you ask me, and hoping to have bananas next year!


These are on sale all over for the same $10
Universally they all have 1-2 stars for reasons of bad seeds and nothing every growing from them.
The banana one in particular got all 1 star reviews.


@jmethod81: That's not true. What only produces once is the corm that grows from the plant. The plant itself kills the corm and then grows a new one.


@jmethod81: Agreed, lived in hawaii with a "forest" of banana trees in my yard. I would consider them a weed, we had to cut them down and dig up the stumps to get rid of them since they regrow. It was like cutting down a field of really big sappy celery stalks... As you said though, once they produce you need to cut them down to the "trunk" and a new shoot will start growing from the middle in a couple of days.

I doubt anyone could actually get this thing to produce in anywhere but a warm to tropical climate. They will need ALOT of water.


A coworker in graduate school at in Carbondale, IL had a big banana plant in her yard, and it survived even after the cold winters there. One neat use for banana plants/trees is to use the leaves as wraps to cook with. This coworker would throw dinner parties and cook fish wrapped in the banana leaves - delicious!


FYI, somehow they have been able to create plant seeds that only produce one season and that is it. (I cant remember if the plat dies after that or just quits producing). These seeds have been produced by the GMO producers like Monsanto. I also read that one of the major seed retailers in owned by Monsanto. Stay away from Monsanto, GMO plants produce insecticide w/in the plant itself, they expect long term effect from eating GMO's will damage immune system and organs.

I am not saying this item has anything to do with that. I thought since people posting were interested in growing food, possibly other kinds as well, this would be of interest to some of you. :)

These are strange times. I believe they just make it illegal in (New Zealand I think?) to grow your own food


@lovinight: I'm busy growing as much of my own food as I can, though I'm far less self-sufficient than I used to be since I moved house. I've been using heirloom seeds, and I'm hoping to be ready for the coming zombie apocalypse and/or total collapse of civilization after the global depression deepens.