dealsrazors delivered to you for $3-$9 a month…


This isn't a deal; this is the basic pricing. And you're just trying to get free months with your referral code.

And as a heads up: the $1 option has $2 shipping, making it $3 for some pretty terrible 2-bladed razors. I use the 4-bladed ones on a daily basis and love them, but I tried the 2x for a couple weeks and switched back to the 4.


@kawatecchan: This is still a great deal, that is the reason I posted it. Yes i did say it cost $3 not $1

Also it is a great deal to get free months, and I post with full disclosure about that, the main link is not my free link.

I have a heard good things about the 2 blade razors, but I use the 4 myself.


You can also buy these for far cheaper by going directly to the retailer. I use the blades from the $9 a month pack. $9 a month gets you 3 blades, with your handle.

I bought this combo:

That gets me the handle and 10 blades for $13.

It all depends on whether you find it more convenient to have them sent to you, or stockpile a bit


@vasilus: I do agree, I just love the convenience.


@vasilus: Are those blades any good? Currently I use the Mach 3, and I love them, but it's way too expensive. I have a thick beard and shave my head, meaning I go through probably 6 blades a month. I'll definitely give those "Dorco" razors a shot if they're decent.... the price is certainly right, 24 blades for ~$24 bucks.

Oh and Dollar Shave Club is a ripoff. There, I said it.


@novastarj: I switched from the Gillette Fusion to these, and personally I love them. I feel like I don't -quite- get the same use out of them as I used to abuse out of my Fusion, but I get them for so much less that it isn't even comparable, and the shave is still great.