dealslots of iphone/ipad apps free today because of…


Many of the free Apps today have comments in the descriptions such as..

"In memory of a man who shaped the future of technology, get all our apps for free today. Rest In Peace Steve, you will be remembered."


I'm not even going to try to download them. Taking advantage of someone's death is a terrible thing to do.


You Forgot about the amazon app store free app of the day
oh wait


@poiu12340: just so yall don't hate. Even though android is better. Steve jobs was still a beast. He was the only good thing about apple


@bnynn: That's a loathsome thing to say about the glory of commercialism. [mod edit: religious trolling removed] Steve was a glorious capitalist, there is no BETTER way to remember him than celebrate his life by enjoying the material surplus and glorious way of life that the invention of capitalism brought to this world.

Steve was NOT a Christian, so you shouldn't make assumptions about how we should celebrate his life -- saying there shouldn't be free apps today, etc.


@parasitius: How in the world did you make what bnynn said into a negative rant about Christians? Do you have that much negative energy toward that group of people that a comment that had nothing to do with any sort of religion would set you off on a tangent like that? And in order to defend commercialism and capitalism by saying that giving things away supports them? I find that misguided, to say the least.


RIP Steve Jobs, good game tiger.


@parasitius: It's people like you who make the internet hard to troll on.


@parasitius: Ha - awesomeness.

Big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs here. I took the comment with the spirit I think was intended.


@rossismyname: [mod: comment cut]
Second, -- giving stuff away is a marketing tool, it is part of capitalism. Yes you are right, it is also not part in the strictly logical sense -- but it is in the sense that it offended the previous poster because he DID consider it a type of marketing and THAT is what I aimed my comment at -- he was offended at the marketing aspect of giving things away freely today.


@bnynn: LOL... shoot? you were trolling? ... sorry.

Earlier today I trolled on my facebook putting a photo of Bill Gates with "RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011"... and my co-worker at a software company ... thought it was steve jobs and replied in all honestly "Wow he looked young in that photo"


GoodNotes still shows as $3.99, but that's okay. I'm proud to pay for these apps, as they've made my life so much easier.


Goodnotes wasn't free when I looked it up on my iPad. Anyone else find something contrary to that?

Ahh, that's what I get for not refreshing before I post.


goodnotes says $3.99. Is the deal over?


I've jailbroken my last three iphones I completely forgot people still paid for apps. Suckers



I discovered a lot of people really REALLY cared about Steve Jobs to an unnecessary extreme after posting:

"Obviously, Obama failed.

America is out of Jobs"

People got pissed...yeah, death sucks, you gonna choose to laugh or you gonna choose to cry? Whiny mofos...


Steve Jobs was elevated to a point far past his worth by idiots. Idiots being people looking for meaning to their lives in places that don't exist. He was just a guy that did some things with computers. He was NOT Thomas Edison, he was NOT royalty, he was NOT a anything special. He was a salesman and geek that put tech into the hands of the non-geek and locked it down so they didn't jack it up and need tech support all the time.

That's it. FFS, get over it.


@ronfrazierak: Oh, and I downloaded every single free app in mourning. Woe is me.


Funny listing, iPhone and iPad apps, but a Google image... Android fan-boy in disguise...


all the tatem game deals are dead now.
the following are still active free apps (swooped from other forums)
(iphone/ipod touch)
Real Piano Pro
Trucks and Skulls
Boss Battles
Picture Trivia
Tiger Woods PGA (been free for a bit now tho)


If Steve Jobs were here, he would want you to download apps on his devices. The ipod, iphone, and ipad were devices of his mind. Use his brilliance and flourish, children of the internet. Use his technology and make this world a better place. His technology is our future. This is only the beginning!


@parasitius: LOL. look at that, 25 downvotes. I got hit hard this time. Apple's got a big army sticking out of their arm pits.But seriously, aside from the trolling I really wonder why people down voted that so hard. I expected the haters but not the pricks.
Say a guy owned a company that makes inexpensive and powerful machines that builds t-shirts and he got really popular. Now say he died from obesity(but, here's the good part, no one knows how he died. ;D no analogy intended.)which made the news for a day. Suddenly, private companies use his machine to try and gain popularity using his death as a bell to dinner. moral? or immoral? Wake up, children. Everyone's a selfish bastard or a sob machine in the making. It's only trolls who believe in hedonism that break through this drama. amirite? (utter silence as this page falls deep into the caverns of 'old news')


@parasitius: This is not the forum for your opinion on Christianity or religion. It is a forum for opinions based on the products being offered. Let's stop arguing and talk about something more uplifting.

[mod edit: This is the only relevant part of the comment.]


That being said, I also like the idea of free apps and look forward to getting hone tomorrow and searching for some. Who am I to argue if someone wants to give me a goo app?

[mod edit: This is the only relevant part of the comment.]


I don't understand all the fuss here. Free is wonderful. Accept the gift of the apps in the spirit of generosity with which they are being offered.


Ok folks, that is quite enough. We don't really care if you talk about religion, the evils or non evils of capitalism, Apple vs PC (oh please don't, for the mercy of the community), politics, whatever - this isn't the place. That place is over in the "Ask the Community" section where you're likely to get a lively debate on it and other such critical topics like zombies and bacon.

This place, this place is for discussions related to the deal itself. When you're checking out the thread and dying to post on a deal, let's ask some questions first:
1. Is this a comment about the deal itself?
2. Did I find a better deal I wanted to share?
3. Have I taken part of this deal, and what did I think about it?

If you're not really talking about things like that, let's pull back the fingers from the keyboard and navigate right over to "Ask the Community", then go right back on to posting.

Your fellow posters will thank you.


I bet a lot of these posts wouldn't be so misinterpreted...
...if there was only a sarcasm font!


Wow, my comment got removed but yet all the people actually preaching got their comments kept? This thread just got lamer.


@myspaceisacult: yeah, wtf? i see all kinds of stupid posts from people who worship a flying magician hiding in the sky somewhere, but i post about steve jobs' dumb ass (the PRO jobs posts are still here...) and it gets deleted? and the mormon jesus video was obviously to make people laugh instead of being so serious...



Hi. Respectfully, your statements about what Christianity as a whole believes are from accurate. They don't match Christ's teachings or the Bible's. You seem very bitter towards Christians and I sincerely apologize for any bad experience you may have had falsely 'in the name of Christ.' Unfortunately, people, Christians included do not always reflect the love and truth of Christ, I would recommend two things. 1) Please pray and then read the book of John in the Bible. 2) Robert McGee has a great book called Search for Significance. Both can change your life, encourage you, and, I shall pray that they give you a new perspective. God bless you. I'll be praying for you.

to whomever listed the deal. Thanks.