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Does anyone know if these are affected by the SandForce SF-2000 blue screen/reliability issue?


Anyone know compatibility with Late 2009 MacBook or Mid 2007 MacBook?


As long as your Macbook accepts a 2.5" SATA HDD its good to go!


Does anyone have any info on this drive? There's literally almost no reviews aside this one:

It doesn't go on 1 sale a day without some sort of significant flaw. Not to say whatever they sell is unreliable; it's just rather surprising to find a drive from a brand no one expected and reviewed.


I wouldn't say its a suspiciously good deal, ~$20-$25 off, but I would like to see some reviews on it as well


@robio: Yes...basically unless you have one of the brand new Retina display Macbook Pro laptops you can upgrade the Hard drive. I have an Early 2011 Macbook Pro and upgraded it with a Samsung 830 Series 512GB drive...the thing now boots in like 7 seconds.

My only concern would be what others have already stated. No reviews and for the price you have to wonder if they are just advertising the top throughput of the interface and not the actual numbers of the drive...because if it really his 500+ R/W Mb/s then its more than worth this price tag as that puts it in Samsung 830 and Crucial m4 territory for 50 bucks less money. And I have a couple 128GB m4 drives as well and can attest to their speed. So I say at this point its a $75 gamble unless someone turns up a review or an IOPS figure or something.

I spoke before reading the link form @kyle1193 (above) which does have some good information....good find sir.


Here's a Camelegg link:

Looks like it's actually been on Newegg for a good while, no clue why there have been no reviews so far.


Another review of Verbatim SSD.

Didn't know about asynchronous vs. Synchronous memory before.