dealsmr. beams wireless led spotlight with motion…


How about some basic info in the heading so folks don't have to guess what item you are posting?


I avoid Dailysteals now,way too many problems. Bought from them maybe a dozen times and had three major problems. Besides that, very slow shipping and when there is problem,good luck trying to deal with "Customer Service" they may or may not even answer your emails.


I have purchased from this site several times. My experiences have been fairly positive. Very slow shipping is my only complaint.

This light is awesome. I have five of them installed, and working well. A buddy asked me to get him a couple, also. This is a great price, shipped.


Decent reviews on Amazon, $5 more, free shipping with Prime.


@zippy the pinhead: I don't know what you are talking about. The header has all the needed info.