dealshp p6 i3 desktop with 1tb drive (refurbished) for…


Not a bad PC for that price. I know there was a $150 EVGA GTX 560 earlier on Deals.Woot that would go perfectly with this.


Sale price went from $379.99 to $349.99 for you guys!



Yup, that would be good. However, a 300w generic power supply shouldn't be trusted running this machine and a video card like that. The last thing you want is for the cheap psu to blow because they have been known to take motherboards with them.

Also, these cases don't provide great cooling. There's usually no vents on the front or top of the case, one single fan in the back, and no more fan bays to add more. This isn't a problem if you're using the computer as-is, but the gpu will dump a ton of heat into the case. Without proper airflow, everything will be running a little hot, and at the very least, this will shorten the life of the components inside.

What I would do is buy a solid psu on sale for around $30, and also grab a case for 35-55 bucks. The price of the computer is still a good deal as the processor, motherboard, ram, hard drive, optical drive, and windows is worth more than $350, and rebuilding it would be a better option than just dropping in a gpu.


@rockytrh - I wouldn't bother trying to get that nvidia 560 into the 300W system - I think you need to replace it with a 400W psu minimum and probably a 450W psu. I'm also not sure if it's worth it to rebuild the system with a new case and motherboard, although you could see if you could get a decent psu/case combo for $50~75 from newegg or similar.


@brutherford: Thanks. I thought the price drop was just my imagination but glad it's real.


Thanks, @brutherford I have been waiting on a low power consuming desktop for a headless server.