deals12ct duracell aaa rechargeable batteries for $12…


It sounds like they're marketing these as low self-discharge batteries. If they really are, I'd be very tempted to pick up a set. Does anyone have technical knowledge about these that can either confirm/deny that they're LSD batteries?

For those asking, these will work with ANY NiMH battery chargers. As with any batteries, though, you should charge them with as low a charge rate as is realistically possible. The super-fast chargers (1-hour charge and such) are really rough on batteries, and are known to shorten the battery's lifespan. Anything that takes longer than 6 hours should be perfectly safe though.


@yubamatt: really? please provide a link for a low self discharge AAA for 2800 mah.


Got these from woot earlier. works great. Wish they had AA size though.


@gmartell: Yeah, I used to go through tons of AAAs back in my PalmPilot days lol. Not so much anymore.


I only buy disposable batteries; and I light my cigars with hundred-dollar bills.


This is a pretty solid deal. Normally Low Self-Discharge NiMH type cells are around $2.50 per cell if you're not picky about the brand so this works out to about half price. Amongst Amazon Basics, Eneloops, Duracells, GP Recykos I'd probably rank the Duracells second best and absolutely worth what they're charging here.

If these were AA's I'd probably be stocking up pretty hard.


I use them in with my iGo green charger model 6630115-0900 (from woot) I also use them in my Panasonic wireless phones.


These Duracell are 800mAh.
I currently have Tenergy 1000mAh in my Panasonic cordless phones.
The Tenergy have lasted only about 6 months.
Should I try the Duracell brand or get brand name but greater mAh?


I keep waiting and hoping for a AA offering but it seems to never come.


I only just now noticed moofi is woot! flipped-turned upside down


If the package states "ready to use," "pre-charged," "retains 85% of a full charge for 1 year" or something of that nature, they're most probably low self-discharge (LSD) batteries.

LSD AAA batteries usually top out at 800mAH.

Just because these are the LSD type of battery doesn't change the fact that they're nickel-metal hydride batteries. Any charger that charges NiMH AAA batteries should work on these. But as a previous poster said, lower current (longer charging time) is better for rechargeable batteries in general.

I use this charger for all of my rechargeable batteries and it works great:
It lets you control current and has modes for refreshing and testing rechargeable batteries.

Also, if you happen to see a review on Amazon by "NLee the engineer," take his word for it, he seems to know a lot about rechargeable batteries and chargers.


Are these white tops or black? Made in Japan or China?


Anybody know whether these work with a Sanyo or Kodak Ni-Mh charger?


I have a Duracell charger made for 1000mAh batteries. Would it work on these?


@yubamatt: Maybe for AA. It always helps to read the description before adding your comment.


How do these compare to Eneloops? Are they the same thing?


@squaredeal: I just got mine in the mail yesterday. They are black tops, made in China. I'm a big fan of Eneloops, and from the reviews I've read these Duracells are supposed to perform similarly, I'll soon see for myself.


Stay away from the 800 mah.
The current batteries are up and over 2800 mah.

I'm looking for a good fast charger. Anyone have a recommendation for a good unit that's reasonable priced?