dealsprescription eyeglasses with lenses for $4.95…


Would be much of a prescription if it were 'Prescription Eyeglasses without Lenses


OK, I ordered a couple pairs.

The interface for the purchase is well done. You can check out as guest or register, know the shipping price before going all the way and apply the Woot Coupon code before the end. You can pay with PayPal.

I hope the product is good.


Have purchased from these guys before. I went for the "free" frames the first time and received craptastic frames, lenses popped out within a week. I bought 2 more pairs and chose from the frames that were 39 and up and got 2 great pairs of glasses. I even submitted a out-of network claim on my eye insurance and got about half the cost back.


I got a couple pairs of glasses here for about $16. I am so far pleased with them; they're good for regular use. I'm sure they are not made as well as the $400+ retail pair I have but they serve the purpose of having an extra pair for use in the car and at home.

I'll be buying more from them, and probably with a higher dollar frame.