dealscall from your choice of disney princess for $0.00


i assumed this would be a pre-recorded message when they call, but i'm not sure either way. plan for pre-recorded and be pleasantly surprised IF it's not


followed the directions and input my soon-to-be 6 year old daughter's birthday. Their "age gateway" told me "You're not old enough to enter this promotion". Just how old do you have to be to want a call from a Disney princess? 36? Doubtful.

Target, you need to fix this ASAPrincess. :>(


@mom2kidsandafish: on the first page when you click the link from here, it's asking for the parent's birthdate and the phone #. i'm guessing to check if the parent is at least 18, to authorize them to call your child. i tested this by entering an birthdate from 1992 and it accepted it. when i entered a parent's birthdate from the year 2005, it gave me the same error you got.

the first page is asking for your birthdate and the phone to call. the next (second) page is where you enter what day and time you want the call placed. also choose the princess and which of the 2 messages

can you try again using your birthday on the first screen? or a made-up birthdate that's 18 or older? then the next page you could enter your daughter's birthday if that's when you want the call placed.
you may need to clear your cookies if you just keep getting the age error


I have been doing it all day. The kids get a big kick out of it


@jeffk069: awesome :) is it prerecorded or a live person?


Yeah, w00tgurl..... I think it's my connection on my Mac. When the screen came up, it didn't say anything about "adult/parent birthdate", it just says "input birthdate". I use FireFox browser on my Mac, but have had issues like this in the past when programs are not rigged to handle Mac OS. But on a happier note, my sister in Texas went on and registered my daughter for the call, so we're all set to hear from Ariel! Yay!

And thanks for posting!